Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil on Acne

Black seed oil has been observed to have great therapeutic capabilities on a number of conditions. It has been used for centuries for treatment purposes by great physicians, spiritual leaders,and the large population. It’s a native to south and southwest Asia and widely used as a spice to add flavor on the food. Today, quitea number of studieshas been done to quantify diseases that it can treat. That’s why you need to know how black seed oil helps in reducing acne.

To begin with, acne is one of the conditions that have no boundaries. It affects young to old people from different cultural background and religion. Scientifically it exists when the hair follicles become stuffed with a dead cell and oil. The results are commonly pimples or blackheads and whiteheads which develop on face, chest or even forehead. Acne is known to be persistent and very stubborn, you treat it they heal and crop up again.

  • For those who have come across it, they know how it causes emotional distress and scar on the skin. According to health experts, it’s better to deal away with it soon after you notice symptoms. On the other hand, Acne has got its fair share from public misconception. The most popular one is that it’s caused by eating greasy or oily food, which is wrong. According to health experts, oily foods don’t add figures when it comes to acne. In fact, it’s not caused by dirt or too much makes up the way section of people think.So, let’s get to business: what is acne?


Acne is a unique condition that is caused by umpteen of oil and dead skin cells that plug together in your pores. This gives room for bacteria a good habitat and thrives in as it cause damage. That’s where black seed oil comes in handy as it has formidable compounds with great benefits.

Why black seed oil is considered good for acne

Perhaps you might have come across the name queen Cleopatra, who got fame for her outstanding beauty. It’s documented that her ingredients for cosmetic were none other than black seed oil. She reigned over Egypt around 1300 B.C where she used black seed oil for bathing and skin care.

In modern society,the scientisthas to manage to study the seed oil chemical compound and found 100 active ones. That is very intriguing for just one plant, many of the chemical compoundshavea direct effect on the skin.

According to the US journal of medicine report, black seed oil has the antimicrobial effect that fight diseases. The report shows that its antimicrobial effect work as antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Such properties make it useful in the treatment for cosmeceutical formulation and dermatological disorders.

That connection enables people with wounds, skin inflammation and acne vulgaris to receive treatment. According to health experts black seed oil main active properties, thymoquinone, inhibit bacterial growth.

To quantify this, 62 patient involved in a study to identify the efficacy of black seed oil on acne. They were, first of all, tasted to have acne disease. Then during the trial, one group was given black seed oil lotion and the other benzoyl peroxide lotion. After the trial, it was observed that the black seed oil group showed a significant improvement. They were clinically observed and the result showed that there was a decrease in inflammation. Above all their overall wellbeing improved which means the seed oil offers treatment.


Acne is one of the unique disorders that can be persistent and cause distress to individuals. In recent years studies have found that black seed oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Those properties give black seed oil strength to have an antimicrobial effect which can help in fighting acne. Studies done have given evidence of its potential use for therapeutic purposes.