Health Benefits and Uses of Black Seed Oil on Obesity

Obesity and weight loss are one of the weighty health muddles for many people worldwide. It’s one of the conditions that’s causing havoc amongst millennials. According to the world health organization (WHO), more than 2 billion adults are overweight. The report also shows that 13% of out of the 2 billion are obese. This trend has risen to sundry of weight loss programs to cool overweight inferno. On the other hand, recent studies of alternative herb plants are at high gear to come up with salvage. One of those herbal plants that havegained a lot of focus is black seed oil.

Black seed oil is believed to have more than 600 compounds which can offer treatment to many diseases. When it comes to weight loss, what you need is an effective way to boost metabolism. At this point I know you’re asking “can it help with weight losses” or how does it help with obesity. Don’t worry you’re not alone because billions of overweight patients want to know it too.

  • Obesity and overweightObesity is one of the popular complex disorder that revolves around the excessive deposit of fats. As a result, it increases the risk of developing health issues and diseases. Some of the most common ones include diabetes, high blood pressure,and heart diseases.

    People have devised various means to manage overweight which might help it reduce by a certain margin. Some of them include increased physical activity, behavior changes or even dietary changes. On the other hand, we also have weight loss surgery and prescription medication as an option. Obesity is usually measured using body mass index (BMI) where 30 and above is a bad sign.

    Obesity has been on the forefront for many health predicaments. If you are overweight you risk of developing myriads of chronic complication. They include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart diseases just to mention a few. But, in recent year’s scientist are exploring alternative means that can offer treatment. One of the plantsgaining a lot of interest is black seed oil.

Importance and uses of black seed oil on obesity

Black seed oil is one of the herbal plants that are native to the Middle East region. The seed oil comes from Nigella sativa plant and the natives used it as a spice and for treatment. Black seed oil has a rich history which dates back to ancient time.

Obesity constitutes excess fat mass which increased the risk of developing metabolic diseases.  Scientific studies done shows that black seed oil helps to decrease in weight compared to placebo.


According to the research, it decreases weight if you incorporate it with a low-calorie diet. Its compounds leadto superoxide dismutase level to be raised. On the other hand, it decreases triacylglycerol (TG) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL-C) levels. From the report, it clearly shows it knows how to cool bad guy and elevate good guys. The bad guys are responsible for access deposits of cholesterol in blood vessels walls. In the end, myriads of health complication take advantage of the situation.

Another study where 39 male obese participated shows that black seed can reduce weight. The study was conducted to identify how it inhibits the decrease in the serum free testosterone level. It was revealed that the overweight who took (3g/day for 3 months) shows a significant decrease in body weight. The report concluded that black seed oil helps in reduction of serum free testosterone level. It also decreases the level of systolic, diastolic Bp, and adiponectin levels by a wide margin.


Obesity and overweight have over the years have spark heated debate both online and mainstream media. It’s a health condition that has left many people to come up with mean to tight and inconceivable diet. But, recent studies by health scientist shows that black seed oil has great potential in weight loss. It has more than 600 compounds that have significant importance for those who are overweight and obese.