One of the daunting health issues that men and women reticent about is hair loss. The reason is that it doesn’t give you any stature in the public eye,unlike his sister potbelly. But, one thing about hair shading is that it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. That means you have time to figure out how to combat it and reclaim your diminishing glory.

Dermatologist reveals that on average it’s normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. In most cases, we find that coloring and heat styling play a significant role in hair shedding. We also have lifetime events such as menopause and pregnancy contributing to it also. So, if you suspect unusual activity with your hair- losing above 100 strands a day. Don’t worry, today I’m going to introduce you to black seed oil which is known to have remedies on hair loss.

What is black seed oil?

Black seed oil is one of the natural plant’s extracts that comes from Nigella sativa plant. The plant which is also known as black cumin is widely used for herbal purposes. Series of studies have been conducted in the past to quantify its health benefit on a number of ailments. So far, it’s used as a remedy for high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, hair loss, and asthma just to mention few.

Uses of black seed oil for hair loss

Black seed oil is not a new discovery in the modern world, its therapeutic use dates back to ancient time. Prophet Mohamed is believed to have noticed its powerful abilities and said it can cure anything except death. In modern times, we have a plethora of research being published followed by many peer reviews.

The power of black seed oil is also believed to offer a remedy for people with hair loss condition. To cement this fact,Robert W. Lebling together with Lorna Pepperdinewrote a book about natural remedies of Arabia. The book is a guide on traditional herbs and spices used locally in the Middle East and black seed oil is mentioned.


It has been identified the hair start losing on the head when it experiences some stress. This happens when they prematurely forced into resting-state known as telogen effluvium.


As we aforementioned above it’s considered normal to lose about 100 strands of hair a day. It’s the normal cycle that occurs naturally.So, the cycle allows your hair to grow for a few years. Then it rests for a few months (telogen), passes through shedding followed by regrowth. Now, the condition telogen effluvium happens when they prematurely root out into the resting state. The condition in some repotting’s last for six months and even years. If you’re wondering what might be causing this outlandish act on human hair, then I’ll tell you today. Hair loss is caused as a result of severe infections, psychological stress, high fever, or insufficient protein.

According to a research report by international Journal, iprjp. 20 patients suffering from hair loss participated.  The report indicates, introduced into the randomized study, placebo-controlled and double-blind were introduce. 0.5% of lotion containing black seed oil was introduced to 10 patients daily for 3 three months. The remaining 10 were given placebo treatment daily for three months just like the first lot.

After the study, they were observed ina videodermatoscopic study and the result was overwhelming. It was identified thatthe patient treated with black seed oilshow significant improvement with hair loss. There was an increase in hair density from the patient and also an improvement in hair thickness. That did not stop there, black seed oil also reduced inflammation in most of the patient. The report was concluded that black seed oil has Thymoquinone (TQ) which they consider as primary active. It also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which have great health benefits.


Hair loss is one of the health condition that can be caused by telogen effluvium, thyroid diseases and many more. It’s a condition that can be stressful which occur in both men and women. If such condition visits your head, don’t go banana because black seed oil might fix it. Black seed oil has Thymoquinone, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which heal the hair. After exposure to black seed oil the hair increasedensity, thickness and inflammation reduce.