Man has always been not lucky with certain diseases since they are stubborn and dangerous at the same time. To make matters worse their solution has been futile for centuries and counting. One such chronic conditions are allergies. Allergies have no boundaries and invade children’s to adult irrespective of where you’re coming from. It has been classified amongst the most universal chronic conditions globally. But, thanks to our ancient bothers, they used black seed oil to overcome it.

When we talk of allergies, it exists in many forms. We have food allergies, skin allergy, dust allergy, insect sting allergy, pet allergy, allergic rhinitis, and many more. All of them manifest in the body with various symptoms and signs. Let’s breakdown allergic rhinitis which is a common household chronic condition.

Allergic rhinitis

Many research has been done and cited to assess black seed oil in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis which is also referred to as hay fever affect the normal operation of the nose. We have what is known as allergens which are antigens that induce an unusual immune response. When such overreaction occurs the immune defense mechanism mistakenly fights it back. Allergen is a harmless substance, but the immune system treats it as an intruder. The immune system unleashes histamine and chemical mediators to lash out allergens.


  • Some of the visible symptoms of allergic rhinitis include
  • Sneezing
  • Sneezing can be annoying, but the good news is that it’s not classified as severe chronic
  • disease. It usually falls abruptly without caution


At one point in time, you have experienced it, your nose running faster than a waterfall. Nobody would love to be in such a situation.
Itchy nose and watery eyes

It’s not that all people you meet with watery eyes have taken some concoction or smoke king Solomon herb. Allergic rhinitis causes inflammation on the superficial layer of the eye. This prompt the eye to release tears to overcome irritation and dryness.


We have a grotesque list of coughs that attack humans of which some are linked to fatal diseases. Coughing cause discomfort and limits your rights of movement. If the disease strikes you, prepare for a cough.



We have a number of over the counter (OTC) drugs that can manage the condition. On the other hand, black seed oil has been identified to reduce allergic rhinitis. To come to such a conclusion, test and research have been conducted. According to cited sources, research was conducted at Tikrit teaching hospital which involved 68 patients.

The 68 Patients involved in the study were confirmed to have allergic rhinitis. From the report, 19 of them were with light symptoms, 28 with average symptoms and 21 patients with acute symptoms. They were also subjected to skin test to conclude they were positive to the disease.
In the report, they used two methods for therapeutic which lasted for 6 weeks. One group received black seed oil while the second group received ordinary black seed oil through nasal drops. The end result shows that 100% of patients with light symptoms were relieved and shows symptoms free. In addition to that 92% of the patients with acute symptoms become symptoms free. The remaining 8% shows some signs of improvement.


Black seed oil is on the bright side to combat allergies. Reputable sources revealed how successful research has been done to establish its potential. It’s beyond a doubt that black seed oil passes the test by improving the patient’s condition to symptom-free. The good news is that from those test conducted, it shows minimal side effects to the patients.