Can black seed oil help hair growth?

  • Many people today suffer from hair fall, thinning hair, graying hair and premature balding of hair. The good news about all this is that hair growth can be stimulated completely naturally by using black seed oil.
  • Black seed oil is extracted from tiny black seeds known as Nigella seeds. The oil is a dark brown to black color. It has a pungent sharp scent and is a very potent oil. This oil can be applied directly onto your scalp without having to dilute it with other carrier oils.What makes black seed oil special is its spectacular array of healing, medicinal compounds that promote hair growth. It contains more than 15 amino acids such as linoleic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid. It’s also rich in an essential oil called thymoquinone.Black seed oil has potent antioxidant capabilities that repair and regenerate damaged hair follicles. It also has intense stimulating properties that promote blood circulation to the scalp and foster hair growth.